[2015] Katelyn Erno: The domino theory

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[2015] Katelyn Erno: The domino theory

Fast Facts - ... The Domino Theory is that if just one country turns communist neighboring countries will to - ... For example when the country of russia turned communist neighboring countries like Lichen did too.-... For Example once North Vietnam turned communism it was very hard for South Vietnam to stick with capitalism.

The Domino Theory

The Domino Theory

An article from that time!!

Making the vietnam warA map of the all of the states and countries by North Vietnam.

This Domino Theory is stated to be potentially dangerous to the american economy. The truth is that many citizens of the United States were frightened to even think of there country turning to communism. With this theory involved it might ruin America and all it fights for.....freedom.

The Fall to Communism

Top Ten Countries to turn communist!

At the time millions were scared of what might happen if the dominos fell and hit the United States! People from diffrent areas like soldiers, the united states government, to a regular citizen all feared the future.

The ContainmentThe containment was the outcome of the domino theory. This tried to keep countries by Vietnam from communism.

This Domino Theory is actually the cause of the vietnam war. If the U.S. never would have made this crazy theory this dreadful war might have never happened. Acvtually the reason for this war was because the dominot theory was made in the late 1950's early 1960's and because the United States tried to stop it by attacking the Vietcong it is what caused so many lives to be lost and this war to happen in the first place.

The Domino theory was used many different ways. Different people used it different ways.

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