[2015] shanna katzenback (Period 3): The Domino Theory

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[2015] shanna katzenback (Period 3): The Domino Theory

The Domino TheoryBy: Shanna Katzenback

“Two generations of presidents and officials had lived through or were reared on the dominos of the 1930s. Whatever their exact circumstances and consequences, these cases came to possess a simple and compelling message: if aggression is tolerated in small, out-of-the-way places, aggressors will be emboldened to attack larger, more vital places. US leaders saw straight lines from the Japanese takeover of Manchuria in 1931 to the invasion of China to the invasion of Indochina to the attack on Pearl Harbour.” Leslie H. Gelb

"This is not a jungle war, but a struggle for freedom on every front of human activity." --Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964

“You have a row of dominos set up,” said President Eisenhower “You knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly”(Dwight D Eisenhower). Appropriately named the Domino Theory President Dwight D. Eisenhower believed that once North Vietnam became communist so would South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, India, Bangladesh, even Japan and Australia were considered to be in danger. When Indochina or Vietnam’s leader Ho Chi Minh proclaimed Vietnam’s independence from France it was clear that the french were not able to gain colonial control over Indochina again. In attempt to gain more support from the French President Eisenhower described the situation as a falling domino. Announcing his theory to the public on April 7 ,1954 . His speech helped America gain support from non-communist South Vietnam.Shortly after in May we sent in French troops to fight. It was called the battle of Dien Bien Phu, sadly the french troops lost and this ultimately lead to the withdrawal of France from the Vietnam War. The battle was the first attempt to weaken the Vietnamese troops and stop the communist domino effect from happening. However this was a challenge due to not only the loss at Dien Bien Phu, but Vietcong also became a problem. Vietcong was an organization of communist that went against their government and was supported by North Vietnam. Made up of communist and guerillas ( a member of a small independent group taking part in unusual fighting forces typically larger than all other forces) the group made it hard to follow through with plans made by President Eisenhower. Even though the American effort to stop the Domino Theory from happening failed communism never spread throughout the rest of southeast asia with the exception of Laos and Cambodia.

Vietnam War

The Domino Theory

Stop Communism

Presidents during the Vietnam war

Both pictures are posters of negative propaganda against Communism

Most famous political cartoon relating to the Domino Theory

Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Denison,Texas on October 14,1890,, at the age of one and a half he moved back to Abilene Kansas where his family was originally from. Eisenhower was the third of seven sons and sadly lost his younger brother Paul at the fragile age of four, Paul was 10 months old when he passed. Apart from that he lived a happy childhood and graduated high school in the year 1909. On July 1, 1916 Eisenhower married Mamie Geneva Doud from Denver Colorado. The couple had their first son Doud Eisenhower who only lived to be three years old when he died from scarlet fever.That year, Eisenhower also assumed the role of executive officer to General Fox Conner in the Panama Canal Zone. For the next two years Eisenhower would spend his days stationed in California, and Washington D.C.. After Germany's surrender in 1945, he was made military governor of the U.S. Occupied Zone. Eisenhower then returned home to Abilene and received a hero's welcome. A few months later, he was appointed U.S. Army chief of staff. In 1948, he was elected president of Columbia University, a position he held until December of 1950, when he decided to leave Columbia to accept an appointment as first Supreme Allied Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.On November 4, 1952, after winning the election by a landslide, Eisenhower was elected the United States' 34th president..In 1956 Eisenhower was elected once again and served his second term. Accomplishments during his two terms consisted of creating the U.S. Information Agency, and establishing Alaska and Hawaii as states. Eisenhower also supported the creation of the Interstate Highway System during his time in office. His other distinctions include signing the 1957 Civil Rights Act and setting up a permanent Civil Rights Commission. Not to forget he was also the creator of the domino theory for the Vietnam war. Eisenhower later died on March 28, 1969, at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., following a long period of suffering from a heart-related illness.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Born on January 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California, Richard Nixon was a Republican congressman who served as vice president under Dwight D. Eisenhower. Nixon ran for president in 1960 but lost to charismatic Massachusetts senator John F. Kennedy.Undeterred, Nixon return to the race eight years later and won the White House by a solid margin. In 1974, he resigned rather than be impeached for covering up illegal activities of party members in the Watergate affair. He died on April 22, 1994, at age 81, in New York City.


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