The Dominican Republic

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Social Studies

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The Dominican Republic

Life in the Dominican Rebublic video.

The DominicanRepublic By:jiayin

-Wake up at 5:15.-Eat breakfast and then dress into school uniform at 6:00..-Her dad takes her to school on acar at 6:40.-Sing the national anthem at 7;05-Go to science class at 7:30-Have a 10 minute recess and trade snacks at 10:00.-Learn spanish for 2 hours at 11:00.-Go home at 12:10.-Wait at dads office until dad finishes work at 2:00.-Pick up mom from work and buy groceries at 5:00.-They watch TV at 6:00.-She eats supper at 6:15.-She goes to sleep at 7:00.

This is a casual day in The Dominican Republic

-Wake up at 3:00.-Dress and eat breakfast at 4:00.-Play 5 minutes of video games. at 5:15.-Go to bus stop and go in bus at 6:45.-Go to classroom and can read or have a assembly at 8:15.-Have math class from 8:45-10:05.-Have a 20 minute recess at 10:05.-Have Inquiry from 10:25-1:55.-Go home on a bus at 3:15.-Do homework at 5:30.-I eat supper at 6:00.-Go to sleep at 8:30.

This is a casual day for me.

Dominican Republic Population:8,833,643 Language:SpanishCapital City:Santo DomingoNatural Resources: Gold,nickel and silverReligionsRoman Catholic 95%Other 5%Land area:18,680 square miles(48,380 square kilometers)

This is a picture of a group of kids in The Dominican Republic

This is a house in the Dominican Republic