The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic

Place:*240 miles long 162 miles wide.*Varied landscape from high mountains to fertile valleys. *800 miles of coastline!

Location:- In both the Northern and Western Hempshperes on the Island of Hispaniola. -exact location: (19° N, 70.6° W).(to travel here from boston it would be a three hour plane ride). -Surronded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

Trade: Exports:banannas, plaintains, cigars, jewelry, woven fabrics, cocoa beans,and raw sugar. 54% of the exports come to the U.S

This is where the D.R is located on the isaldn of Hispaniola


Population: 10,219,630Ethnic Groups:Mixed: 76%White: 16%Black:11%

Climate:- Tropical Maritime: little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall.

People and the Land* Official language is Spanish.*95% of the population are Roman Catholic* Only 30% of the land is suitable for farming. *17% of the population are farmers.* The oceanside has become commercialized in some parts and very poor in other.* This resulted in most of the population moving to the coastline.

The Dominican Republic

Traditions: In the third week of Junethe D.R celebrates Carnical.This is a festival to show culture identity. It is linked tothe history of the country and celebrated with costumes(shown on the right), music,and dancing.


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