The Disappointing Truth of the War of 1812

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The Disappointing Truth of the War of 1812

The British burned our White House down and Americans continue to think that the 1812 war was an amazing win for us. One of the only parts of the war that I could be a little bit proud of would be the reclaim of British ships on Lake Erie by the Americans. We only won that because of General Oliver Perry and his logical thinking. He thought things through and knew what the consequenses would be for certain actions, and he planned them out and was ready to take back our ships.

The Disappointing Truth of the War of 1812By: Sierra Huntington

The Battle of New Orleans

•The British attempted to invade America with multiple Armies, and everyone was suprised of how the Americans were fighting. The Americans the were able to fight against the British, and win. The occupation of Maine was the British's only successful attack on America in 1812.

•Even though the British lost to most of America, they did a lot of damage to the United States. •Given that we managed a win over the British, they still were able to burn the White House down and the Capital.

If our nation was completely divided because of a war with another country, how can we even consider ourselves winners as a whole when we don't think of ourselves as the United States?

Defeating the Native Americans

The Treaty of Ghent was a treaty of peace between America and Britain. The treaty did not specify impressements, neutrality, or trade regulations between the two.Americans interpreted the treaty as a win because they didn't hear of it until after Jackson's victory. Jackson defeated many remaining British soldiers after the treaty was made. The last battle does not count as a win for the Americans in my opinion because the treaty had been signed and regardless of what the soldiers fighting knew, the truse was made and whether Jackson killed five men or five hundred, it shouldn't be a vastly bragged about subject. When you think about it, killing other soldiers after a war is over is uncalled for. I know that none of the Americans knew anything about the treaty, but we should't take pride in the last battle of the war of 1812.

•The 1812 war is named after one year but it took nearly three to finish. •America's National Anthem was written during the war, after the attack on Fort McHenry by Francis Scott Key.

The British Invasion


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