The Disappearing Spoon

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The Disappearing Spoon

About the Author

The Disappearing Spoon

The Disappearing Spoon was written by Sam Kean. Throughout the book, he discusses his love for chemistry (especially the element of Mercury) from an early age. Now, several of his works have been national bestsellers. His personal writing style includes detailed research into the chemical history and brings color and flavor with his comedic relief to the otherwise dull Periodic Table.

The Disappearing Spoon is a masterfully crafted piece of literature in which Sam Kean uses his background in chemistry as well as his wit to create an intriguing book about the Periodic Table of Elements. The nature of matter is expressed throughout the book with chapter themes such as politics, money, war, the arts, health, and many more. In each chapter, the author uses detailed research to piece together the history of each element and relate it to everyday life in order to make the book a compelling read for even those who have not discovered their love for chemistry yet.



Brianna Johnston &Nicole Zimmerer



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