The Dirty Thirties

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by simonekopman
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Social Studies
American History

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The Dirty Thirties

In the federal election of 1930, Mackenzie King makes his famous "5 cent piece' statement and the concervatives, led by Richard Bennet won the election so he is now Prime Minister

Searching for Work

Wellfare: Governments tried to avoid having to give out well fare and those who did have jobs were paid very little and treated very poorly

Many young men traveled across the country on top of freight trains looking for work and the drought on the prairies continued to harm Western farmers


Western Farmers

- Swarms of locusts invaded- Many areas turned into dust bowls - Many broke farmers left their property

The Dirty Thirties By, Simone Kopman

Life during the 30's

Richard Bennett

Many of recent immigrants, who had been requested to come, were now being blamed for everything and some were even deported.


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