The Dirty Thirties

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The Dirty Thirties

one of the farms effected by the drought during the thirties

The dust bowl in the prairies

The Dirty Thirties

A relief camp sleeping quarters

The Single Men's Unemployed Association

Prime Minister R.B. Bennett

By the end of the 1920's the stock market collaped which left people unemployed, starving and poor. Many people were fired from their jobs. Not only that but in the Prairies suffered from drought so farmers didn't have any crops to sell and nothing to eat. Also unemployed families, men and women lived in relief camps for work and shelter. Lastly William Lyon Mackenzie lost the election in 1930 and was replaced by R.B. Bennett.

By Lydia Fichtner

In the 1930 election William Lyon Mackenzie said that he " wouldn't give a five piece to any tory government" which made to people upset so the elected R.B. Bennett of the Conservative Party. He promised he would help the unemployed and the farmers, but he did little to help.

One of the parts of Canada that was effected the depression was the praires. During the thirties there was a masive drought causing the crops there to dry up making them useless for selling and for eating. SO many people lied on rabbit stew and russian thistle. The drought caused dust storms which borught the nickname " the dust bowl


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