The Dirty 1930s

by Paojiaying
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Social Studies
American History

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The Dirty 1930s

The Dirty 1930s

Main triggers for the Great Depression

By 1933 1 in 5 Canadian workers had no job. There was no system of unemployment insurance.2 million people were “on relief.”Canadians lost their jobs, homes, farms, businesses, high suicide rate

On Oct. 24th thousands of shares bought on margin were dumped onto the stock market. There were no buyers and prices fell.Black Tuesday: Small sellers rushed to sell out before they lost everything. Companies and individuals were broke all over the world.

By 1929 wheat had fetched $1.60 a bushel, but by 1932 famers could hardly get rid of it for 38 cents.There was a drought and the prairie topsoil turned to dust. Grasshoppers hatched by the millions and ate everything.

The Prairie Dust bowl

Overproduction -- Businesses were producing more goods than they could actually sell


Overview for the Great Depression

The Dirty 30s is a dark, gritty, seemingly hopeless place where conflict is brewing across both oceans.


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