The Dionne Quintuplets

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The Dionne Quintuplets

This is when all of the sisters were not taken away by the government. At the time, they all enjoyed life with their family and friends. Marie, Emilie,Cecile, Annette, and Yvonne bought their own customized dolls of themselves that every fan of the Dionne Quintuplets had.

TheDionne Quintuplets.

The Dionne Quintuplets were very memorable during the Great Depression. The young children were especially a beautiful sight to see for the parents; Mrs. Dionne was 26 years old when this miracle happened. During May 28, 1934 five girls were born in Northern Ontario. The girl’s names were Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie, and last but not least; Marie. The dad’s name was Olivia Dionne; the mother’s name was Elizire Dionne. The odds of this birth are 57,000,000 million to one! Surprisingly, all of the born children weighed the same at 2 pounds each. The parents of the Quintuplets were very poor when taking care of the girls; they could barely even feed them. Then, the government built a special hospital for the Quints that became a human circus called “Quintland.”With a nurse that was honored to take care of these extremely famous people, 21-year old Yvonne Leroux watched over them and played with them while their parents were away.

With both parents standing by their grateful and brave children, they were forced to give the girls to the Ontario government. Sadly, the girls were put in a glass boxed playground for people from around North America could come to see. Every time the girls were trying to enjoy their play time in the hospital, the strong flashing lights interrupted their play time. Some girls tried to find a way out, but little they know there is no way out. A playground for young kids is a wonderful site, but not when it’s a playground that’s boxed for what feels like eternity. The girls studied the people outside smiling, laughing as if they were at a comedy show. About 3,000,000 people watched them through the fenced off enclosure as they played. The girls stood stiff as if all of these people were to understand what was going around them. The bulging eyes stood out the most. There were no smiles on these frightened kids, just eyes—eyes saying, if you look deep enough, “I want my parents.” This dangerous yet terrifying tourist attraction was psychologically devastating the girls because it separated them from their parents.

As babies, the quints were taken from their parents by the Ontario government and put in a building for people to see. Although their health was fine, they lived at a hospital that became a tourist attraction called "Quintland." About 3,ooo,ooo million people came from all around North America to see these adorable young children. The quints were studied by scientists, who X-rayed them.

The odds of this birth is 57,000,000 million to one! Surprisingly, all of the children weighed the same at two pounds each.Both of the parents were very proud,happy and grateful that this miracle happened; five young girls were born for the very first time in Canadian and American history.

Many products were manufactured of the Dionne Quintuplets. The picture above is just one of the things that was made in Canada. Products were made such as, spoons, forks, dolls, calendars, posters, magazines,films and much more. The producers of these products were mostly Canada and America.

Video of the Dionne Quintuplets above.

The Dionne Quints were sent worldwide, they were featured on many magazines, shows, books, and movies. All of the girls brought joy to the world, especially in America while the Great Depression was going on.


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