The Dinosuchus

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The Dinosuchus

History:- First bones dug up in Monana in about the 1840-50's- Bones can be found in West Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Mexico, and Wyoming.-Bite marks of the giant crocodylian are in New Mexico's Museum of Natural History.

Facts:- Eats Fish, shellfish, Land animals- Can grow to about 33 feet long and wiegh about 3-5 tons.- Lived in the late Cretaceous period. (80-70 million years ago)- thought to be the biggest crocodile that ever lived untill the dicovery of the Sarcosuchus, a bigger crocodile.- Lives in Swampy areas.

The Deinosuchus(DIE-no-sue-Kus)

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Diet/Hunting Tactics :- Parasaurolophus- Sea Turtles- Aquatic and terrestrial prey- Shell Fish- Has a bite force of at least 18,000 newtons(80,100 lbs)- 21-22 sharp and dull teeth- ambushes prey if its a land animal it drowns it and does the "Death roll"

A Columbus State paleontologist showed teeth impressions on the bone of a T-rex. This crocodile can take down a dinosaur its own size.(Click picture to Read Article)

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