The Digestive System

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Human Anatomy

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The Digestive System

What happens to your food?We are about to begin a unit on Human Organ Systems, starting with the digestive system. For those of you who might not have know, the digestive system is the process that involves eating food and then letting the body do what it does to obtain all the valuable nutrients and minerals that we need to stay healthy. It is up to you to find out what exactly your body is doing.Follow the instructions located above and see if you can identify the organs that I have posted.

1) Be sure to include 5 facts about the digestive system2) At least 2 images that support your facts3) Please include a video as well.

What you need to do.....

The Assignment

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The Digestive System

In your search try to identify these organs!

These two organs aren't as small as you may think...

This is one of the first stops your food makes....

This organ clears out all the considerate


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