[2015] Tyler Percy: The Different Faces of The Joker

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[2015] Tyler Percy: The Different Faces of The Joker

The Maniac


The Different Faces of... The JokerBy: Tyler Percy

Robinson's early concept idea for the Joker

Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine

Cesar Remero sporting an all purple suit in the 1960's tv series, Batman

Although originally slated to be killed off from the comic in his first appearance, The Joker ended up staying around to become Batman and Robin's archenemy. He quickly became one of the most popular villains in the Batman Universe. After complaints about excessive violence in comics in the 1950s, The Joker was made to be more of a goofy clown than a psychotic killer.

Exibiting a return to his agressive behavior, The Joker beats Robin to death in 1988's comic "A Death in the Family"

Jack Nicholson's Joker in the 1989 film Batman mirrored the malevolence that The Joker possessed in the comics.

Heath Ledgers famous portrayal of The Joker in 2008's The Dark Knight raised the bar for the more "serious” Joker.

The Joker was brought back to his original, unstable, homicidal self in Batman Vol 1 #251 ”The Joker's Five Way Revenge" in 1973. He has remained as the maniac ever since. By returning to the character he was initially envisioned to be, The Joker has grown to be one of the most infamous comic book villains of all time.

The Joker was created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane through multiple sources of inspiration. Most notably Conrad Veidt's character Gwynplaine in the 1928 silent film The Man Who Laughs, whose face was operated on as a child to disfigure his face into a permanent smile.

Finger drew inspiration from this Coney Island sign.

A scene from "Surf's up! Joker's Under!" in 1967, showing Batman clad in swimming trunks beating up a cowardly and clumsy Joker.

The Clown


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