The Diciduous forest By Jentry and Michael

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The Diciduous forest By Jentry and Michael

The Dicidous forest has animals like the Eastren Chipmunk (shown above),yellow breasted chat (in the tree),deer,rabbits,owls,foxes,gray squirrels,and box turtles.(by the arrow)


By Michael and Jentry

The decidous forest has is not just located in North Carolina, it is located in many places around the world. Inclueding Japan,China,New Zealand,and Paragway. The decidous forest an average tempature of 50 degrees farinheight. The decidous forest has trees that change color in the fall but it also has evergreen trees.

The Decidous Forest is located in NC. It has an average rainfall of 30-60 inches each year. Humans are clearing the forest for farming and houses.This is devoloping problems for the animals who live there.Some of the problems include reduced amount of trees and bushes(there homes).Cutting down trees will not do us a favor either.Plants and trees are producers,this means they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxegen.With less plants in the world we won't be able to get oxegen we need to survive.

Save the trees!Help our community

The flora include oak,walnuts,maples(next to the bird),sycamores, pines,shrubs,mosses,redbuds(next to the box turtle),and wildflowers.

A fun fact the duckbill platapus lives in the deciduous forest of Austrailia



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