The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

ThemeI think that the theme is isolation. During this time, Anne's family is isolated from the rest of the world. They can't interact with old friends. THe little bit of news they get comes once a week from someone else. Nothing is experienced first-hand anymore. There were no social lives, no communication with the outer world. The danger was just too great.

# Biographical Facts1. THe Franks were originally from Germany, however they moved to Amsterdam when Hitler rose to power.2.Anne favored her father, who she called "Pim", and detested her mother. 3. Anne's father, Otto Frank, was the only one of the family to survive the Holocaust..

Otto Frank- Anne's father Otto is a Edith Frank- Anne's motherEdith is a reserved and proper woman.Margot Frank- Anne's older sisterMargot is quiet, intellegent girl that does just as she is told.Anne FrankAnne is an outspoken girl that always has an opinion

The Family

Mr. Van Daan- Friend of the Franks'Mr. Van Daan is a short-tempered man that loves his cigarettes more than anything else.Mrs. Van Daan-Wife of Mr Van DaanMrs. Van Daan is a woman who treasures her posessions. SHe likes to brag about her flirtatious side.Peter Van Daan- son of the Van DaansPeter is shy and loves his cat very much.Mr. Dussel-freind of the FranksMr. Dussel is a dentist with an odd personality.

Critical Responses1. What would you do if you were asked to hide someone in your home, barn, or attic? (Knowing that if you were caught with the hiders, you would face the same fate as them)If I were asked to hide someone in my home, barn, or attic, I would say yes. The life of the people is important to me. I would hide someone, however I would rather give them the resources to get to a safer place. My reasoning behind my answer is this; Anne's family lived two more years because of the generosity of the people hiding them. If I were able to hide someone, I would say yes.2. What are some of the sounds heard from the annex? What do they represent? 1. Street organ- The street organ represents a happy, normal life. THis sound is important because Anne longs to have a life like that again. 2. Children playing- The sound of children playing representsthe joyful life they used to have. 3. Soilders marching- The soilders remind the Franks of the dangers of the time. 4. Nazis talking-The Nazis represent why they are in the situation of life or death.

Five Interesting Facts About WWII1. The Germans killed millions of Jews during WWII2. Hitler had the idea of a perfect human race. 3. He commited suicide the day after he married.4. THe USA remained neutral at the begining of the war, but entered after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.5. The war took place in two theaters, the west and east.


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