The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne FrankBy: Cody Dimsdale

The secret door

Anne's whole family is jews.

The Holocaust was time when Nazi's killed jews or put them in Concentration Camps. Jews were forced to were Davids star. Annes whole family died in concentration camps, Otto Frank survived.

She Was A Jew

This is Anne Frank.

They was jews too

This is David's star.

The secret door held Anne's family behind it.

They put this star on every jew.

Anne Frank died of a disease in a Concentration camp.

CR:Would you let someone live with you during the Holocaust?Yes,i would because i would bc i would want someone to do that for me so i would.

CR:What do you think the hardest part of the Secret Annex would be? I said the hardest part would being quite during the day and not being able to move around.

The Franks were Jews.They were from Germany of course.They all died except for Otto Frank.

5 facts about WW2.*12,000heavy bombers were shot down in ww2.*over 100,000 allied bomber crewman were killed over europe.*80%of the soviet males born in 1923 didnt ww2.*the average german officer slot had to be refilled 9.2 times.*the u.s. army had more ships than the u.s. navy had


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