The Diary Of A Young Girl

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The Diary Of A Young Girl

The Diary Of A Young Girl By: Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a 13 year old girl just like any other girl. Going thru so many changes. Within a month of her 13th birthday her and her family heard of rumors about the unreasonable hate trate the German people had been brainwashed to feel. Her and her family grew an extreme fear , and were forced to go into hiding in a little section of Anne's father's office building that was easily hidden by a swinging bookcase. For two years they managed to survive there. As time went on a few other people joined them. They all shared a small room , tiptoeing around during the days and during nights being forced to listen to the sounds of bombs and gunfire. Fearing for their lives. Her passion for writing kept her sane. In her journal she mentioned what was happening to her day by day. She shares her experiences and her fear in her words. This 13 year old lived day by day wishing her family and others aren't found because they would be taken to concentration camps to be killed. A big change for Anne happens when the war seemed to be ending, a life changing event.

During the whole book Anne was trying to figure out who and what she was. In my opinion that was one of the biggest themes.Trapped in the “ Secret Annex “ , Anne explores her identity as daughter, lover, sister, friend, student, and writer. Anne identifies herself as Jewish. Even though that is the reason her and her family is hated. They stayed true to their self and went against all odds. Showed that no matter what goes on you are who you are, and you should be proud. No one should change you , and that there is people that will do anything to change you . Don’t let them.


We can never be just Dutch, or just English, or whatever, we will always be Jews as well. (4/11/1944.48)

" Fine specimens of humanity, those Germans, and to think I’m actually one of them! No, that’s not true, Hitler took away our nationality long ago." (10/9/1942.6)

Here Anne talks about how she is feeling. She blames Hitler for what is going on in her life. Blames him for her having to be stuck in the attic. Blames and says that he had taken their nationality a long time ago. He took who they “ really” were , and brainwashed everyone into believing another thing.

Anne is always wondering what she is. She’s curious on understanding what is going on in her life. She wonders why is she hated because of her religion. Young but extremely intelligent she entered the world of politics. She tries to understand all the things around here. After a while she comes to the realization that there is nothing wrong with her. It’s the fault of those whom follow what the leader says.

Connections I had with this novel were that I at some point lived in fear. When we first came here I felt like an outcast. Therefore I stayed in my room the whole time. I didn't know anyone , I was scared. I always had the thought that I didn’t belong here. That something was wrong with me.

I’ve always known the great impact Hitler had on Germany. We always heard the horrible things that he did to the Jewish people , but never heard what they really felt. During this novel I got to learn and explore the other side. I learned what horrible emotions Anne felt. What her day by day experiences were. She was stuck in an attic but still somehow encountered feelings , experiences that any other girl of her age felt.


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