The Diary of a Young Girl By Anne Frank

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The Diary of a Young Girl By Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

SummaryIn Anne Frank's book, The Diary of a Young Girl, she provides a remarkable perspective of herself and her Jewish family while in hiding in Amsterdam during WWII. The book is written day by day while Anne Frank is in hiding in a "secret annex" of an office building until discovered in 1944. In the beginning of Frank's diary, she names her diary "Kitty" and hopes that she should reveal all of her thoughts to it. "I hope I shall be able to confide in you completely, as I have never been able to do in anyone before, and I hope that you will be a great support and comfort to me." During this time period, there were many laws that forbidden Jews to do everyday activities. "Jews must wear a yellow star, Jews must hand in their bicycles, Jews are banned from trams and are forbidden to visit theaters, cinemas, and other places of entertainment." In 1942, the Frank's fled their home to go into hiding. Their hiding place was the hidden annex of an office building that Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank had. This hiding place would soon be called the "secret annex". This annex became hidden due to the office employees hiding the annex behind a bookcase in front of a "plain gray door". Throughout the two years behind that "plain gray door" another Jewish family named the Van Daans and a Jewish man named Albert Dusselhad joined the Frank family in the annex. Both families had struggled through hardships in the 2 years in hiding. The families were faced with “hunger, boredom, the constant cruelties of living in confined quarters". In the end, unfortunately, the families were discovered by the Nazis and were separated and send to concentration camps. Anne Frank had died at the near age of sixteen. Her father had returned to Amsterdam after WW11 to then find his daughter's diary and published it to the world. Since then, The Diary of a Young Girl has been called "A truly remarkable book." and has become a world classic book.

Likes: Vivid imagery Dislikes: Too much details at times

I choose this book because i had an interest in World War Two and The holocaust. I have been wanting to read the diary of Anne Frank for awhile now. So it's great i finally got the time to read it. What grabbed me about the book was its strong imagery throughout the book. Others should read it because it is a world classic novel about The Holocaust. I recommend the book to people who have an interest in Anne Frank and Antisemitism.

“The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!” - Anne Frank

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