The diary of a whimpy kid: Cabin fever

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The diary of a whimpy kid: Cabin fever

Digital Storytellingby Cameron Lathan

During a winterstorm, Greg Heffley is attempting to stay off of Santa's naughty list, but ends up defacing school property and icing someone's driveway. The storm eventually traps the Heffley's in doors, and while their dad is away on business, they are short on supplies and no electricity. Greg now has plenty of time to think about mistakes.

The Diary of A Whimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney

Realistic Fiction


Did you know that there are 12 Diary of A Whimpy Kid books availble as well as 3 movies? Also, try the website at creating your own character.

The Reading level of this book is a 5, while the interest level ranges from 4th to 8th grade.

ReviewThe Diary of A Whimpy Kid series is a major hit with my struggling readers. The context and vocabulary are not hard to comprehend, and there are many options to read. The movies create more opportunities to build connections knowledge.




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