[2015] Gabby Esposito: The Devils Arithmetic

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[2015] Gabby Esposito: The Devils Arithmetic

Devils Arithmetic Writen by: Jane Yolen Poject by: Gabby Esposito

In the book Devils Arithmetic a girl namd Hannah is going to the seder dinner at her grandpa's house. She was conplaining about how she has to remember to much. When she was the one in her family to open the door for Elijah, and then she was put into another time period during the holocaust. She learned that it was a drastic time for the jews and she relized that the Holocaust was not about how the jews were treated poorly. It was also about how the jews would remember the terrible actions and would never let this happen again to scare people of the terrible memories. to prove to Hannah that she always has to remeber and watch to tell the others about it.

ButterflyReprsents that in the world there is darkness that the jews are in bu there is always a bright side in the world.

Arbett Mechi FreiThe meaning is "Work makes you free" is a sign that the jews would see everyday which was half true it was to make the jews work for freedom but that never happened it only kept some jews alive.

NumbersWhen the jews were given numbers was for one main reason. The reason was to take away their humanity, so the numbers took the place of the their names.

Gas ChamberThe Nazi's would torcher the Jews by putting them in there to make them breath in the diedly gas.

RememberThe Jews had to remember the terrable experiance of the holocaust to tell other to never let it happen again.

hopeIf you didn't have any hope during the holocaust then you would not survive. During the holocaust if you did have hope then you had a better chance of surviving.

Bare WitnessThe Jews would watch the Nazi's mistreated the other Jews. The Jews who watched were the true heros to tell the other jews how to survive the Nazi's by giving them tips and information they need to know to survive.

Silent HeroMany people helped out during this time but people didn't know abou them when they did things that saved lives .

CluckingThe camps weren't allowed to have kids but the jews snuck them in so when a Nazi was coming the abults would cluck to signal the kids to go into the dump.

In the book The Devil's Arithmetic the main charater Hannah is a dynamic charater for two main reasons. The first reason is because in the begging of the book Hannah did not care about anything with passover and did not want to go to her family. Then at the end of the book she realized that going to her family adn going to passover was not as bad as she thought it was. The secound reason is in the begging Hannah said she was tired of remebering. Then when she was in the holocaust she realized that remembering is everything you had to do to help others in a way. So Hannah is the dynamic charater from the book The Devils Arithmeticbecause she changed a lot from begging to the end.


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