[2015] Ali Aziz: The Devils Arithmetic

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[2015] Ali Aziz: The Devils Arithmetic

The Devils Arithmetic

The Holocaust is one of the most terrible genocidesnin the world, All started by Nazis over a Hundred years ago but we are reminded by it by the book The Devils Arithmetic and we are given a prespective of a young girl hannah who soon discovers the real truth of the Holocaust

Hannah is a thirteen year old who wants nothing to do with the rememberence of the Holocaust, If anything she dosent even like being Jewish she complains about how she hates following traditions like going to the seder and fasting on bitter herbs. But when she is transfered back into time into the time of the Holocaust she experinced what she was told and changed to starting of to a careless teenager to a great hearted Jew.

The butterfly the symbol of the Holocaust,The Signafigince of the Holocaust.The butterfly is what gave the jews hope and to remember that hope was still present.It also symbolizes how it seemed to roam the commandants house and felt as if the camp is off limits. Excerpt from the Butter FlyFor seven weeks I've lived in here,Penned up inside this ghettoBut I have found my people here.The dandelions call to meAnd the white chestnut candles in the court.Only I never saw another butterfly

This is the star of Davidacording to some traditions, this six-point star symbol decorated David’s warriors’ shields (before becoming King David), and hence the name David Shield.2. The Star of David appears in the earliest synagogues, such as the one in Kefar Nachum (Near Tiberius in the north of Palestine).

The Devils Arithmetic a book by Jane Yolen

This Is Auchiwitz Concentration camp one of the worst of the camps and on the Top it says Arebeit Macht Frei mening work will free you.

A cattle car used to transport jews to the concentration camps



Six Million




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