the devil

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the devil


By: Brittany McDermott

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mephistopheles' Character1. evil2. minipulative3. demon4. rogue5. despiteful6. devil's child7. untrustworthy8. incubus9. fiend10. ogress

Faust's Character 1. happy2. trustworthy3. good4. sterling5. illuminate6. understandable7. good8. distinguished9. nervous10. not the enemy

SummaryFaust goes to his study after wondering about life and upon going to his study Mephistopheles is waiting for him. Mephistopheles wants to make a deal with Faust that if he does anything that Faust wants then Faust will go with Mephistopheles after his life is over and do what ever Mephistopheles wants him to. Faust then decides that he wants to make the deal with Mephistopheles and signs the contract with his blood.



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