The Destruction of Coral Reefs

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The Destruction of Coral Reefs

everyone. They are a huge boost to many poor countries economy, with tourism and fishing. Coral reefs are home to thousands of species, most of which are becoming endangered and or extinct due to the loss of their homes. One big factor that is unknown to most people is that coral reefs are a very strong protective barrier against natural disaster in the ocean. They can dissipate wave energy from storms and tsunamis, this reduces the damage to adjacent land. Studies found that There are plenty of populated islands in the world that would no longer be here if it wasn’t for the protection and growth of these reefs. Another big issue is the fact that the destruction of reefs causes the algae inside them to die. Algae is one of the biggest contributors when it comes to the creation of oxygen, and by killing off the largely populated reefs we are cutting off a large part of the earths oxygen creation.

The Destruction of Coral Reefs

What is it?

Who is Affected?


the destruction of coral reefs is an issue that affects the planet in more ways than most people know. So far more than 10% of the worlds Reefs have been destroyed, based on factors such as the earths fast growing population and global warming. The warming of the water causes the coral to sicken and die, the most common sign of coral sickness is coral bleaching, this is when the algae inside the coral begins to die off, causing the coral to lose its color. When the water warms it contributes to the growth of a harmful algae that lays above the coral, blocking all sunlight from the algae within the coral. This is bad because it doesn’t allow the good algae to perform photosynthesis. Another big way Coral reefs are destroyed is by direct contact, such as catching fish that live above and around reefs. Untrained fisherman catch these fish in very harmful ways, one of the worst is using explosives to stun the fish.

almost every place populated with coral reefs. In the Philippines over 70% of their coral reef population has been destroyed.

What is Being Done?

conserve energy and water, help reduce pollution. If you live near an area populated with coral reefs you can volunteer for cleanup jobs. You can also contribute by practicing safe diving techniques while on vacation.

Coral reefs provide goods and services worth about $375 billion every year


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