The Design Process

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The Design Process

You are now finished, But did your completed design look like you pictured? If not, write down what you think you did wrong and remember to fix your problems next time you use the design process.


The Design ProcessBy Alessio Urbani

You have to decide what you want your finished product to be for, is it a cooking utensil? a toy house? or even a car. Whatever it is, It must be mature for intended ages and will get a high profit if it is meant for selling.

Everything is fixed! It's completely symmetrical, Its all flat. From here you will need to get building, This part of the process may take the longest, but it is definetely the most efficient as you are about to put all your hard work into action!


Are people making stuff look easy to you, but when trying it looks horrible? Thats where this step comes in, Idea generation is where all your mistakes are solved, this is only possible if you really think about it and put extra time into solving problems.

Idea Generati-on

If you manage your time your outcome should be fine. If your time is managed you may be able to spend a whole day working on your design, which is a good thing if you need your design done before a deadline.


If you did something wrong in the last step, don't worry. You can research your mistakes and see if anybody knows how to fix them, therefore your next print may look as intended.


Now, make a scaffold print or your design and take a close look at it, is the floor flat?, is it symmetrical? If not you can make a few or more changes on your design and find whatever inspires you.


Criteria for Success

In this step you really need to think about your design and say, Is it safe to construct? Will it be bad for the community? or even Will it work as intended? This is where brainstorming is required heavily and all evidence needs to be put towards this step.

Factors affecting Design

This is the step where the process beginsThe first thing you want to do is understand the following concepts, What do I want to make, How am I going to do it? and How is it going to affect others in everyday life? From here you brainstorm and get your plans into action!

Analyze the Problem

Aesthetic Design:Aesthetic Design is about your product in terms of looks, fanciness, and generally 'nice to look at'

Functional Design:Designed to be good at doing a particular job, for example the roof of your toy house can come off and on.


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