The Desert

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The Desert

The Desert

The Desert

Winter: 20 degrees Summer: 130 degrees Fall: 70/90 degreesSpring: 90 degrees


Meerkats live in complex underground tunnel systems. Meerkats use these networks for protection against predators and will defend the burrows against other meerkats.

The Sidewinder can often be found buried in the sand of the desert or in animal burrows.It feeds off of small rodents.

"World's largest desert"


The habitat of the Roadrunner is usually a nest placed a few feet above ground in a bush, tree or cactus. They will eat insects, lizards, fruits, seeds and sometimes rodents.

Xerophytes, plants that have altered their physical structure to survive extreme heat and lack of water, are the largest group of such plants living in the deserts of the American Southwest.

Cactus are among the most drought-resistant plants on the planet due to their absence of leaves, shallow root systems, ability to store water in their stems, and waxy skin to seal in moisture.

Soils are hot, dry, and clumpy. The soil orders are called Entisols. Entisols are new soils, like sand dunes, which are too dry for any major soil horizon development.


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