The Desert

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The Desert

LocationDeserts can be found in the mericas, Australia, Africa, north and south poles, and Middle East.

Polar Bear

There are widespread attemprs at lowering fossil fuel burning, which might be causing global warming and ice cap melting in the North and South poles.

The desert is home to many more species of animals than plants. These animal species (left to right) include the meerkat, polar bear, spotted hyena, and penguin.


Not many plants grow in either the hot or cold deserts due to lack of rain. The (left to right) barrel cactus, organ pipe cactus, desert sage, and desert marigold all grow in hot deserts.


1) Only two species of plants live in Antarctica.2) Around 33% of Earth's land area is a type of desert.

The Desert

There are two types of deserts, hot and cold. The temperature of a hot desert is 77*F in the winter and 120*F in the summer. The days are extremely hot while the nights are extremely cold. In cold deserts, the average temperature is -52*F in the winter and 18*F in the summer.


Conservation of the Desert

Endangered Caracal

Interesting Facts

Climate and Temperature

Penguins in a Cold Desert


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