The desert

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The desert

the desert

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The climate in the desert is very hot and dry it only gets around 25 cm of rain a year. All months are an averge temperature is over 64 F degrees.

My first plant is the joshua tree got its name from pioneers that thought that it looked like a joshua. they can grow to be from 15 to 40 feet my second plant is the pancake prickly pear captus it is widly used for food, and crops my last plant is the saguaro captus it has a smooth and waxy scin covered in two inch spines.

to identify tree animals my first animal is the armadillo lizard the nose to this lizards are table shaped also the heads are narrow in shape. my second animal is the banded gila monster they have four or more bands that run around the body they can be pink, orange, and red. my last animal is the coyote The coyote has tan fur mixed with hairsor rusty brown.

Three animals

Three plants



The ecological problem is the changes in the climate. And the plants and animals have special adaptations to that weather.

one inesting fact is that only around 20% of deserts on Earth is covered in sand. Anouther is hot deserts usually are hot in daytime and very cold at night

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