The Declaration of Independence

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Social Studies
American History

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The Declaration of Independence

The Colonists Rage:The colonists were outraged at King George because he made so may acts against the colonists.

King George III:King George III was frightened when he recieved the Declaration of Independence from the colonists. He prepared his troops for war.

A New Proposal Was Born:Protesting lead the colonists to create the Declaration of Independence. This proposal said that the colonists had their own freedoms and rights which gave them independence from England.

War:The colonists and the British went to war. It was a bloody war, and each side fought vigorously. It was a very tense time during the war for the colonists.

The Colonists Reaction:The colonist tried to work it out by telling King George III their complaints. George responded by sending more troops. The colonists reaction to this was protesting.

The Declaration of Independence

Success:The war is over and the colonists have won their independence. The Declaration of Independence was realized!


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