The Debate on schools uniforms

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The Debate on schools uniforms

The Debate On

Pros of Uniforms:

School Uniforms

Uniforms discourage my self expression.!

Uniforms make me and my friends look equal.

Cons of Uniforms:

-Save money on purchasing new wardrobe for school-Eliminate the chance of bullying -Establish equality among the students-Allows students to focus more on their studies than choosing an outfit in the morning-Increases school pride and spirit-Easier to enforce than school dress code

-Restricts student's expression causing lack of individuality-Students don't want to wear it-Makes it harder to find clothes that fit the limitations of a dress code (i.e. certain colors and types of shirts, pants, and shoes)-Does not prepare student for future when they have to make choices on clothing and self expression


Uniforms enforce conformity.

Uniforms take away our ability to be unique!

Click to read real student opinions about uniforms. The good and the bad!

You can make uniforms cute and unique!


Uniforms help stop bullying!

What do you think ofschool uniforms


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