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The Death Cure

In a dystopian land, where a disease called the Flare has taken over the world, and very few have been left. In some chapters they are at an enclosed lab of a sort, treated like tested mice and told its for their own good. other times it takes place in the heart of the scorch itself, a hot descalent place where people live in poverty, praying they don't get the flare.

Jasmine Stevens7th period11/25/15James DashnerThe Death Cure



Plot summary

Thomas- the main character of the book, leader like, believes that WICKED is bad, but is afraid that his past life thought the organization was a good idea. So for that reason he refuses to have his memory restored.Minho- was in the maze, was one of the best runners until Thomas came, after the escape he’s followed Thomas ever since, and had the same belief that WICKED is bad and did not want his memory restored. he’s highly stubborn, can be aggressive at times, and always has a bone to pick with someone. Has small feuds with Newt for unknown reasons.Newt- the base of the team, was the support and the person to go to for uplifting. although something was told to him, and it made him quite distressed, and hasn’t been that supporting person Thomas once knew. Minho’s constant fights with him haven’t made him anymore sane either, its most likely making him worse.

This is the third book in the Maze runner series. In these books a teenager named Thomas, has been one of the many subjects in an experiment called WICKED. When a man made disease called the flare, has been infected most of the human population.It can cause people to go insane and become cannibalistic. WICKED decided to take action, by taking teenagers and putting them in a maze, to test their ability to survive, they did many tests like this to find a cure. But some of the “subjects” didn’t approve of their ways, including Thomas. In this book Thomas and his friends are at the end of WICKED’s final experiment, and they refused to gain their memories back, at the cost of never remembering their past. They soon after that plan their escape. they’ll soon know what WICKED’s real plan was, and try to destroy it.

I found this book highly interesting, and well thought through. I would definitely recommend it. It was action packed, and filled with mystery and suspense, with just a small bit of romance, just enough not to gross you out. I found myself, getting highly attached to the characters, especially Minho for some reason (he’s a jerk, I really don’t know why he’s my favorite). all the characters had their own parts to tell, and they were written very well. My only disappointment with this book was how Thomas didn’t show as much emotion as I thought a main character would, especially after all he’s been through. 4 out of 5 stars!



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