The De Stijl Art Movement

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The De Stijl Art Movement

The De Stijl art movement

Christian Emill Marie Kupper (mostly know as theo van doesburg) lived from the 30-8-1883 till 7-3-1931. In his family there was, his father was Wilhelm Kupper, his mother was Henrietta Catherina Margadant, his wife was Nelly Van Moorsel, his stepfather was Theodorus Doesburg. He was influenced by his stepfather Theodorus Doesburg, the school he taut at also gave his praise which was the Bauhaus design school and Vincent Van Gogh.

Christian Emill Marie Kupper akaThen Van Doesburg

3 of Theo van Doesburgs famous artworks are:Arithmetic composition1930 Simultaneous counter composition1929 Rhythm of a Russian dance1918

The art movement was created to make new calmer or joyer type of art for after the war. The other aim was for achieving spiritual harmony. The art movement was most popular around the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and surrounds. The 3 main components of this art are:The use of yellow, blue, red and white colours.The use of straight lines only.The use of squares, rectangles and other quadrilateral shapes.

Simultaneous counter composition Year it was created: 1929Media used: oil on canvasSize: 50.1x49.8cm


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