The Day Made of Glass Made Possible

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The Day Made of Glass Made Possible

Throughout the video we see examples of large scale displays (e.g. the large screen at Redwood Parkl) and also curved displays that fit the form of the item (e.g. the car display). In order to make such large scale projects affordable and real we have developed a technology called FOLED(flexible organic light emitting diode) an extremely thin and flexible glass-like plastic. It can deliver high quality video that is up to 4k resolution quality.

A Day Made of Glass Made Possible

The first hurdle that the video encouters is glass that is tough but also flexible. In order to incorporate glass into everything, certain displays will need to have different characteristics. We currently have the technology in real life thanks to Corning. Such examples include the flexible Willow Glass and durable Gorrilla Glass

Large, Affordable, Curvable Displays.

There are technologies being developed to make Corning's vision of the future come true it is still out of reach. In order for this type of technology to be implemented everywhere it will cost a lot of government funding. Not only that, but it will also take time. Old communities must be upgraded and glass will have to be implemented into every part of our lives.

Durable, Flexible Glass

The LG OLED TV, boasting incredible thiness

Samsung FOLED phone prototype

The Problem? Implementation.

"A Day Made of Glass 2"By Corning

Holographic Projection

Real time holograms that can be seen with the naked eye are still beyond our reach. However, Windows has already taken the first step by creating the HoloLens for their new Windows 10, capable of creating a whole holographic interface within your real world


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