The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of The Three

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The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of The Three


The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of The ThreeBy: Stephen King


Plot Summary:

After traversing much of his mysterious, magical land, full of strange beasts and monsters, Roland,"The Last Gunslinger", has come to a great sea in search of The Dark Tower. A long journey awaits and after many of his bullets becomewaterlogged, and having loss two fingers to a starnge lobster creature, Roland is not in the best of shape.He must now treck his way across a seemingly endless beach, so that he may, "Draw his three",and prepare for the journey ahead. Finding onemystical door after another, Roland traverses betweenboth his world, and ours.


Throughout the majority ofthe story there are only three main chracters of importance. One of which is a man bythe name of Eddie Dean, a drug addict from NewYork 1987, who is also the first of Roland's, "Three",being dragged into his world through a mystical dooron the beach. The Second of Roland's, "Three", is two women in one, Odetta Holmes as she was first known, is a schizophreic Civil Rights Activst from the 1960's who is leg-lesspast the knees. Though usally calm and kind, turns violent when she becomes her other, "self", known asDetta Walker, a hateful, witch of a woman. The Third of Roland's, "Three", turns out to be none other than himself, The Last Gunslinger, weakened due to infection,but still extremely dangerous with a gun in his hand. Together, theywill embark on Roland's quest for The Dark Tower.



Throughout the majority of the second installmentin The Dark Tower Series, there are many basic themes to be found. Relying on others, as Roland mustrely on Odetta and Eddie to survive, is just one of many.Overcoming adversity is another, as Eddie struggles toovercome his addictions, Odetta struggles to overcomeher schizophrenia, and Roland struggles to overcomehis infection and the loss of his fingers. Another themeto found within the story, is adapting to new situations,just as both Eddie and Odetta must adapt to the perliousrealm of Roland's world, and Roland must learn to shoot,fight, and survive without his fingers.

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