The Dangerous Sun Bear

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by KristiMalia
Last updated 6 years ago

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The Dangerous Sun Bear

The Dangerous Sun Bear

A sun bear fighting and scratching another bear.

I like to eat insects, small birds, fruit, honey, lizards, rodents and soft parts of palm trees. I am a small dangerous bear called a Sun Bear!

I am the smallest bear called the Sun Bear. They call me a Sun Bear because I have a yellow bib and it looks like the rising sun. I live in tropical forests. I am the most dangerous bear because when another bear has me under their claw I can scratch them.

A sun bear uses its tongue to get its food.

A sun bear eating in a tree. It is eating branches.

A sun bear showing its yellow bib.

Whatcha looking at?

Ohhh I'm hungry!

Got ya!

A sun bear peacefully resting in its habitat.

I love the sun.

Whatcha looking at? Aren't you tired?

By: NaneaKES Summer School 2014


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