[2015] Christian Salazar: The Dak Son Masaccre

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[2015] Christian Salazar: The Dak Son Masaccre

Dec 6Today a Hamlet for 2000 refugees was massacred in Dak Son. Witnesses say that men armed with flamethrowers and guns approched the hamlet perimeter and began firing using flamethrowers, these men are presumed to be the viet cong. These weapons were used on the entire hamlet and attacking mostly unarmed women and children. Only after the men ran out of fluid they resorted to guns. statistics say 252 were killed 3 people went missing and 150 homes were destroyed. This was truly tagic and I will give more as the story progresses

overview (article by me)

The Dak Son MassacreBy Christian Salazar

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Fact Chart

You'll need:2 cups of fuel1 cup of terror 1 cup of innocence2 cups cups of death.Stepspreheat flamethrowers to 150 degreesmix ingredients thoroghlyheat using flamethrowers for 3 minutesmakes252 pieces frost with 150 oz of tragedy.


Appetite for violenceBurning fires everywhereCall for killingDecember 6 was the dayEscape wasn't happeningFiery death to refugeesGgruesome endevorsHomes burned down 150Innocence revoked to vietJustice was not hereKilling 252 peopleLit up fiery skiesMissing 3 different peopleNonsense fullyOmninous before it beganPeace replaced by flamesQuantity of refugees goneRefugges were murderedSmall hope dimishedTerror for the innocentUnfair civillian deathViet cong. is responsibleWomen and kids killedX'd out peopleYear end sadnessZapped by flames

AcrosticAlphebet (scroll dowm)

Dear Diary:Dec 7: Last night men came they did horrible things they shot fires from their hands using these unexplainable objectes Im suprised suprised I'm okay the same can't be said for everyone else only few remain I hope that they can fix this. A lot of people are dead a lot or most of the things here are reduced to piles of ashes. This was horrific and these men they were scary Ican't believe I'm alive mabye someone will feel sympathy until then I will try to forget this.

Diary entry(by me)

To someone who will find thisDec 6: on this day during the night men attacked us we were composed of mostly women and children these men somehow used fire to attack us homes burned and we have survivors please help my family of my dad, mom, and sister are gone I don't know where they are we are in Dak Son in a charred Hamlet.Please send helpChristian.

Survivor Letter(by me)


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