The Daily Life of Knights During The Middle Ages

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The Daily Life of Knights During The Middle Ages

The role of the knight was important to the sucess of feudalism because the knights protected the kingdom in times of war. For example,"Knights wore heavy armor and learned how to master weapons."(http// Another example is "Knights used straragies to defend and conquer other castles. (http// This shows that knights were experienced at what they were doing and knew how to defend and fight. Cleraly, knights must of had years of training to learn their warfare education


Knights usally followed "The Code Of Chilvary", which led to respect for women They also had their own 10 commandments system. For example, "Thou shalt believe all that the church teaches and shalt observe all its directions...".


Knights Daily Lives Of Knights in the Medieval Ages

Knights were always on a diet, they ate vegatables, meat, and fruits. They were almpst never invited to the feasts, so they ate wild game. Knighst didn't sleep in their own houses, they slept in something like a cabnet that is filled with straw, because the beds were reserved for lords and kings.


The knights almost never had a family, now that they were at war, but they did show admiration regardless of their martial state. Combined with the "Code Of Chilvary" ladies often gave tokens to knights




Knights in medieval times were threatened by poor hygiene, broken bones, wounds, abcesses, and fractures. They didn´t get much treatment , for example when they had a tooth ache, the only cure was having it pulled out without anaesthetics!


Knights didn't recieve the education we get today, instead they learned physical or combat education. They started at age 7 and were sent to castles to learn this education, then from 14 to 21, they were refered to as squires. They learned horse manship, to handle a two handed sword, battle axe, mace, dagger, and the lance. They also had to be strong to carry 100 punds of armor and the weapon.

Knights wore heavy armor as their clothing. They wore paddded vests for comfort, a coat made of chains for protection, chestplate for the chest, cuisses for the thighs, greaves for the neck/shoulders, bascinets as a visor or protection for the eyes, and the helmet for the head with so much armor came alot of weight. The total weight of the armor came up to 100 pounds total!

Map Of Medieval Europe


Knights had poltical power, social power, religion, honor, and courtesy. They achieved faith with education and followed the "Code Of Chilvary". Knights weren't brothers but they considered each other as a brother or brother in arms.

Protection, Saftey, Defense

Knights had the most important job, which was to protect the kings and queens, and the kingdom. Knights also conquered other kingdoms with "stratigies" they used. For example, they invaded using bridges, and used siege engines for protection over the kingdom.


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