The Daily Life of Knights During The Middle Ages

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The Daily Life of Knights During The Middle Ages

The Daily Lives of Knights During the Middle Ages

Kiara Kessler9/29/15Waters/SS 6Medival Glog

Health: During war knights would suffer from broken bones, wounds, abscesses, and fractures. These wounds would be treated in unsanitary environments which could lead to infection.

Transportation: To go from place to place knights would ride many types of horses including the Destrier,Coursers,Stallions,etc.

Defense: Knights know how to use many weapons including swords,warhammers,mace,flail,lance,etc.

Education: At an early age knight would learn basic skills like horsmanship and two-handed sword.Later on, they would be the knights assistant and have more indepth combat training.

Law: Knight followed a strict code called the knights code of conduct it included bravery, courtesy, honor, and respect for woman.

Homes: Knights lived in the lower part of a castle , while the nobles and the lords lived on the floors above.

Food: For breakfast knights would have 3 meat dishes, 3 fish dishes, and wine or ale to drink. For lunch they would have meat and fish wih wine and ale. For dinner they would have pigion pie, woodcock, sturgeon, and wine and ale.

Marriage and family: Knights started large familes at an early age. A knight would die for his loved ones and do anything to protect his children.

The role of knights was important to the success of feudalism because knights spent most of their lives training and enduring hardships to help keep the feudal system going. For example, knights suffered from broken bones, fractures, and abssesses( Another example is knights were educated for many years on basic skills and combat( This showes that knights had to learn and undergo many things to keep the feudal system going. Clearly, knights were a very big part of sustaining the feudal system.



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