[2015] Joanna Alvarado: The Daily Legends by Joanna Alvarado

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[2015] Joanna Alvarado: The Daily Legends by Joanna Alvarado

The Daily Legend

Problem and Solution with La Llorna

La Llorna has been roaming around the streets of Harlingen,Tx. at midnight.She's been screaming for her lost babies,asking where they are.We tried everything from shooting her,to bombing her but nothing has worked yet.For some strange reason,she would disappear and then reappear,whenever we tried demolishing her.But now, everyone is safe because our FBI team has fooled her in thinking that an abandoned little kitten is her actual baby.

Compare & Contrast with Mrs.Bigfoot & Mrs.Wookie

Bigfoot's wife,Mrs.Bigfoot & Wookie's wife,Mrs.Wookie are trying to see who is the better looking person.Here's what they have to say!Mrs. Bigfoot said,"If you vote for me I promise I will NOT step on your babies when there just just born."Mrs.Wookie said,"If you vote for me I willl give you a lifetime supply of Wookie Cupcakes."Well there you have it folks!!!We put some tweets at bottom from random people's opinions. TWEETS Jonas_is_the_best XP

Cause & Effect with La Llorona & La Chupacabra

By:The J's Company

La Chupacabra & La Lorona got into a fight about their kids because they were debating that who got to wear the neckalace of good luck & of getting what they want.Well,then the Chupacabra left home and went on a hike to get fresh air.La Lorona got even more angry because she thought he left her for good.Well she thought to herself,"I should go on a hike by myself."La Llorona went outside for a hike.Her kids found out,then they went after her.They were calling out,"Mom,Mom!"La Llorona turned around and got furious."You naughty kids!"She started chasing them.When she caught both of her kids she was exploding of anger.Which made her drown her kids.



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