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The Daily Egyptian

The DailyEgyptian

The middle of the story was about how the prince went to go visit where King Kafra was buried which he was buried by a pyramid. The prince went to visit to get away from his brothers but for a good reason. He was only able to see King Kafra's head and shoulders.

The beginning of the story was about the how prince's brother tricked him to make him look bad infront of his kingdom. His brothers had a lot of things against him like plots and ideas. They were mad that they didn't have as much power as the prince even though their his brothers.

The Long Visit!

The story ends out that in a couple years when the prince turns old then the brother he decides to chose will rule till he grows old and if he has a child the child could rule starting at the age 10-11. It came to turn out that the princes time was over he grew old and weak and wasn't able to rule. Then he picked his brother.

"Soon Amenhotep the pharoh proclaimed" he was ready to be a pharoh and he had all the right tools to he was nominated by his the prince.

Dear Residents, Why do you guys think the Professer is guilty you barley know the guy. How would u know if he loves children and is good with them if your listinging to other people then why even care if the murder wasnet him what if the murder was Mr.schmit and hes framing the Professer. The Professer is a nice guy he dosent hurt anyone and he wouldent. If he wanted to he cant hes to old and dosent have enough strength. The Professer wacthes kids play in his yard and dosent hurt them he just wacthes them now if im wrong the murder happen by his shop what if he was framed and if he was guilty he woud of been arressted last year cause last year the murder happend but to a little boy so i mean if yoiy think about it the Professer isint guilty and just think twice about signing the patition. sincerly, Jenyce Arroyo

Letter to the Editor

Being a very powerful pharoh gets you a very powerful throne.

mummifaction was a very important process to egypt no matter what you were.


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