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The Daily Alexandria

Cleopatra Gets thrown out of Egypt by Tryphaena?This shocking story arose that when the King went into hiding, Cleopatra some how found his hiding spot and came to him scared of what would happen without him.Then a note (shown below) was proclaimed from Tryphaena's (Cleopatra's older sister) servants."Princess Cleopatra..., your sister Tryphaena wishes you to know that because you and your father are fleeing to Rome she is now queen and pharaoh. If either of you step foot in Egypt, you will be executed immediately."(The Royal Diaries: Cleopatra VII, Daughter of the Nile)So, the questions in local citizens minds are, what are Cleopatra and the Pharaoh doing and will they take there plan into action soon? What will Berenice (the other older sibling of Cleopatra) do to Tryphaena when she tries to get the throne back to the way things were? And fiinally, when will the King/Pharaoh come back?For any futher questions to headline contact us at1-800-834-482 (Caution this is a real phone number not for this funtion, though.)Written by: Alexis Steinberger Citations: From The Royal Diaries:Cleopatra VII, Daughter of the Nile

Daily Alexandria


57 B.C.The time ofCleopatra VII

The Newspaper heard all over Egypt!

Latest fashion is gems and jewelsas well as shawls and headresses. Sashes and long clothing were common. Today's beauty isn't only skin deep, remember that ladies.

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Cleopatra VII

About Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra lives in her father"s kingdom (both call home).Cleopatra has two older sisters, Tryphaena and Beneice.Cleopatra dreams of becoming the next pharaoh in line.Cleopatra wishes her father would step up to his job, instead of always getting drunk and throwing up...Cleopatra loves her jaguar and treats her fairly.Sometimes family is forever in the chaotic household they call home or everyone for them self, one moment sweet endearing children next death at the next open door!

Cited Works"Google Images." Google Images. Web. 17 Feb. 2015. .Gregory, Kristiana. The Royal Diaries - Cleopatra VII - Daughter of the Nile. Scholastic, 1999. Print.

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