The Culture of Turkey

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The Culture of Turkey

Turkey's history is rooted in the history of the Ottoman Empire, which was at one time the power of the world. Constantinople was the heart of the empire (present day Istanbul). When the Ottoman Empire fell, the country of Turkey was eventually formed. Istanbul is still an infamous city, but the capitol of the country is Ankara.

The Culture

Turkey is one of the only countries in the world to be part of two continents (Asia and Europe)Turkey's primary religion is Islam Turkey has a lot of Biblical history with the Ark of Noah believed to be in Turkey, and the seven biblical churches of Revelation are located in Turkey Turkey's national colors are red and white

Most Turkey citizens are Muslim, there are mosques everywhere. While the official religion is not Islam, nor is there a religious expectation to be Muslim, you can still see the effects of their religion in the culture. Men and women are not as unequal as in other Islamic countries, but men have the main, "important" jobs. Food and socialization are hand in hand, fast food restaurants do not exist. Finally, there is a historic quaintness in Turkey, the people are more relaxed and friendly then you might expect.


While visiting Turkey, Tulay was our faithful, educated, wonderful guide. She was the one who many conversations later, taught me a thing or two about prejudices.

One of the major comparisons between Turkey's culture and American culture, or at least, my culture, is the perception and use of time. We live in a fast-paced, always rush hour, drive-thru society that simply does not exist in Turkey. Meals are restful, people are important, and social etiquette is normal. Turkey is a place of deep history, which I almost envy. When you travel to Asia and Europe, you realize that history exists, and it is important. America is a young, ambitious country that acts almost like a hormonal adolescent when compared to mature, "wiser" countries that have learned their lesson and have their historical monuments on every corner to prove it.

A Comparison

The History

The Culture of Turkey

Fast Facts

Call to Prayer*

*The personal recording of a mosque's call to prayer that I recoed in Turkey did not upload well. This is a recording located on youtube, but the Blue Mosque is in fact located in Turky and it is one that we visited. The call to prayer that occurs several times throughout the day is he same call.


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