The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis


The Cuban Missile Crisis was between U.S. and The Soviet Union, and of course, Cuba.

Time Line


Russia puts nuclear warheads in Cuba.

John F. Kennedy got elected U.S. perident. Our reaction was we put nuclear warheads in Turkey, a country close to Russia. Russia, outraged, started making more and more nukes, as the same with U.S. Each of us challenging the other to keep on making SO much more nukes. Now the whole world is scared of a nuclear war and explosion of Earth. U.S. had a plan. They put a blockade so no more missiles could get to Cuba.

Since each country wants to win in MOST NUKES, The U.S. and The Soviet Union made more and more 'till enough to blow up Earth!!!! Even though U.S. had 8,000 and The Soviet Union only had 7,000. People are going to different countries just as a superstition of nuclear war and dying. Since the blockade, Cuba hasn't gotten any more nuclear warheads.

As you know, Kruchev and JFK were serious parts in the Cuban Missile Crisis, but after ALL this, in 1963 , JFK was assassinated and his funeral was really sad, his son saluted. In 1964, Krushchev was kicked out of power and it wasn't very sad. But at least Harry S. Truman than becomes president and he helped the country a lot. Also in 1991, it was a big part so no more conflict because it was at that time that it was THE FALL OF THE SOVIET UNION!!!

While everyone is scared out of their mind, JFK and Kruchev are scared to press the button. They don't want it to come to blowing each other up. So they think of something and come to an agreement. Russia will take missiles out of Cuba and U.S. takes them out of Turkey. Also, JFK taking the blockade out. They get together to PREVENT nuclear war now.

The Soviet Union had a new leader named Nikita Kruchev. The Soviet Union has made their own atomic bombs. So they started puting those in Cuba. As you know, Cuba is really close to U.S. They are also their own country. U.S. is freaking out. But here is how they react...


JFK puts nuclear warheads in Turkey


Both sides make more nuclear warheads...



When we finaly came to an agreement...

The fall of big people of a big cause.


Nuke War

Facts from Ms. Olin and my brain.


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