The Crusades

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The Crusades

The Crusades began as a result of the Seljuk turks invading the Byzantine empire and taking over the Jerusalem which prevented Christian pilgrimas from travaling to the holy land. Pope Urban called for a crusade to the holy land and sent thousands of knights to fight in the war. Only the first Crusade came close to reaching its goals. They captured Jerusalem in 1099 but lost it again in 1187. The Crusades continued on and off for about 200 years

The Crusades

Jackie Schechter

The Cristinas did capture fous small muslim lands which they divided and called the Crusader states. On the third Crusade, the Europeans failed to recapture Jerusalem. Europeans then fought Crusades against other muslim lands like North Africa but all the other Crusades ended in defeat. The Muslim armies soon recaptured the last Christian outpost and massacred many Christian solders.

What were the motives for the solders? -Religious fervor -Adventure-Passage into heaven -Prestige -Remission of sins -Wealth -Land -Escape from home issues

Long term effects:-Growing middle class-Expanded monarchpower -Economic growth -Wider world view Short term effects: -Murder of many Jews -Murder of many Muslims-Conflict between Muslims and Christians

Politics: Increesed the power of the monarchs Religion: A bitter legacy of religious hatred Society: Economy: Expanded the economy


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