The Crusades

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The Crusades

The Crusades

1096The First Crusade-Brutal win of Jeruselum for Christians-20,000 Christians fight-take over Medditeranian cities

1147-47The Second Crusade-Christians attempt to take over Damascus -failed; Muslims regrouped

1189-92The Third Crusade-Saladin takes back Jeruselum in 1187-Jews and European pilgrams welcomed in city

1202-16The Fourth Crusade-Byzantine and Western forces grow apart-Took Constantinople and reward they'd earned

The Middle Ages The crusades occured in a time called the Middle Ages; a time that didn't have many advances or growth but religion stood as one of the most important aspects of life

The CrusadesThe crusades were holy wars called by catholic popes to take the Holy Land from Muslim control. These battles were often very ruthless.

1272The Ninth Crusade-Sometimes grouped with eighth crusade-final major Crusade to the Holy Land

1228-29The Sixth Crusade-less violent approach at regaining Jeruselum-Frederick II was crowed king of Jeruselum for the next fifteen years

1270The Eighth Crusade-last crusade of the Holy Land-A failure

1217-21The Fifth Crusade -saught to take over Jeruselum again-people started to not want to partake in crusades any longer

1248-54The Seventh Crusade-Loius IX abandoned this crusade-He was captured and released for money-Their aim was for Egypt

How it StartedThe Crusades started with Pope Urban II giving a speech at the Council of Clermont in search of knights to march east and help the Byzantines take back Jeruselum from the Turks. He declared anyone who faught in this war would be partaking in a sacred event and would get absolution from sin and eternal glory.


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