The Crusades

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The Crusades

The Holy Land, or Palestine, showing the ancient kingdoms and 12 Tribes - shows where the crusades took place

Crusades1st - The Christians captured the Holy Land from the Muslims.2nd - The Muslims, under the lead of Salidan, recaptured the Holy Land.3rd - The Muslims still controlled the Holy Land; all of the Muslims in Acre were killed.4th - Christians ransacked Constantinople; there was a split of the church in the east and the west.


Expeditions in which Christian warriors sought to recover control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.

After the 2nd crusade, the Christians could fix a red cross to their garments.

Pope Urban II - participated in the 1st Crusade

In the midst of battle - shows the fierceness of battle

Battle - depicts what it might have been like during a crusade

Returning from battle - shows the defeat of the Christians after the 2nd crusade

Medieval music - representing the time of the Crusades

Shield - used in battle during the crusades


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