The Crusaders Project

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The Crusaders Project

*Frederick I led largest crusader army of ^estimated 100,000 men*Constantinople was pillaged by crusader ^army in Fourth Crusade*Frederick II recaptured Jerusalem in Sixth ^Crusade*Jerusalem is last seen 1917 after its second ^defeat*Antioch and Tripoli were only Christian ^states left.

Crusader's Project

By:Stefan P.

*Antioch was sieged in search for Holy Lance*Second crusade was launched to attack ^Damascus*Teutonic knights fought with crusaders to ^conquer Seljuq cities*Saladin and Lionheart were best ^leaders of their time*Jerusalem is defeated by Saladin,the ^best conquerer of his time

*-Jerusalem was first conquered in --1099*-Crusades lasted from 1096 to 1291*-There were total of 9 crusades*-First crusade was launched by --pope Urban II*-Crusade's goal was to make Holy --Land under Christian rule



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