The Crucible

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The Crucible

Literary Criticism Author Miller writes a drama filled play that expresses an intense time in history. He changes up a few details to make the play seem more suitable for the situation. A guide to writing such a detailed play helps the reader understand the expressions of the characters, and some of the persuasion going on in the play. “The most interesting feature of The Crucible is that it is so impressively a play about evil forces.” Miller writes this play to show the effects on social, religious, and greed thirsty perspectives in Salem. (Curtis, 1of 2)His themes and use of characters help understand that Salem was a “possessed community”. The scenes are convincing in a way that there are many personal sides that each character believe true. Like Abigail, who tricks all the girls to being on her side, she is the main accusation to witchcraft. Although John Proctor is being truthful, he is still accused because of his lifestyle in Salem. (Curtis, 1of 2)

Character Analysis•Outspoken, successful, and well-respected, farmer who chooses to maintain a distance from the church.•A man, who has sinned, openly condemns the witch trials. Consumed by guilt, and his need to take responsibility for his actions to gain his strength of character, denounce Abigail Williams, and save his soul.•His lust for Abigail Williams, a fatal flaw, causes mistrust for John and Elizabeth’s marriage.•To stop Abigail from her rampage on Salem, John must commit his sin of adultery first. His only problem is that he is a good man, and proud of his name. “Because it is my name… How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” (The Crucible, Act Four, 1273)

Literary ElementsIrony-Abigail claimed to be so "pure" and "holy" when she was accusing innocent people of witchcraft and sending them to their deaths; she also had an affair with a married man. Hale was brought in to find witches but in the end, he started defending people.Motivation-Abigail's motivation was to have John Proctor.Suspense-Toward the end of the play, suspense began to build when John Proctor had to decide between saving his life and keeping his dignity.Irony-“ It is a lie! They are innocent!” –Reverend Hale Motivation- "John-I am waitin' for you every night"Suspense-“I have confessed myself... God does not need my name nailed upon a church!...” –John Proctor

Mass Hysteria McCarthyism is the assumption of accusations of treason without proof. It is used to make unfair investigation techniques. Known as the “Red Scare”, McCarthyism lasted from 1950 to 1956. This was spread of influence on American institutions by soviet agents. Senator Joseph McCarthy used to this to criticize the anti-communist pursuits of republic U.S. The term was also used to describe reckless attacks on patriotism of political adversaries. Thousands of Americans were accused of being people that practice this subject. The primary targets were those of government employees, industries, and educators. These people were attacked without any reason. Most of these people lost their jobs and suffered many hardships during this period of time. ( staff, 1 of 3)

ThE Crucible

A man being questioned of his self worth

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