The Crucible

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The Crucible

The CrucibleBy: Arthur Miller

Betty Parris is lying in bed unconscious, everyone thinking she is dead. Only one person had faith that she would wake up and that was her father, Reverend Parris. Betty, thankfully, soon wakes up and by that the protagonist, Abigail Williams, knows that Betty will tell everyone the truth. Tituba, the slave, is accused by Abigail to save herself. Which leads Tituba to jail. Eight days after the incident, John Proctor, the protagonist, finds out that Mary Warren left to Salem. As Mary Warren comes back she gets to hear the words that John Proctor had thought to say to her, which contains much anger and very little disapointment. Just as things couldn't have gone worse, it did, guards had come into John Proctor's house to take away his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, because she was accused of whitchcraft.



Mary Warren is a 17 year old girl, who always fainted when she was in court, she is naive, lonely, and Abigail William accused herof using witchcraft. Elizabeth Proctor is a hard working mother, who does not believe in witchcraft, she was accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams, and also was bearing a child.

The overall setting of this book was Salem Massachussetts in 1692, the time when witchcraft was real. A small village near Salem to be exact, this is where you were a farmer to make money. Also, the courtroom was where many deaths were passed, a jail cell where death was in their future, and a house with a girl who is lying almost dead.


John Proctor is the protagonist in this story, he is a man in his middle forties, a hard working farmer, and doesn't completely believe in witchcraft

Abigail Williams is the antagonist in this story, she is a 17 year old orphan who has accused many women of witchcarft, and also wants to be with John Proctor


Abigail Williams

John Procter



Too much of intolerance is not good.


"You brought me from my bed to speak of her?" Quoted by Abigail Williams

Elizabeth Proctor

Mary Warren


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