[2015] AaronCMMS: The Cronicles

by yourteach
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Language Arts

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[2015] AaronCMMS: The Cronicles

So he used pros and cons ok.If I get food we won't starve,but if I dont get food we will starve.If I clean the clothes we will smell good,but if I don't we will smell.So William choosed to get the food for they won't starve.

How to make magic dust 1.Get sand or dirt 2.Get your magical wand 3.Say these words ba-do-daaaa 4.Then you got your magic dust

The Witch wanted the queens child and she tried to take it and the queens destroyed the witch.

The Cronicles

She spilled the dust on accident on her backpack an a apple.The backpack and apple started talking.

Compare/Contrast By Aaron

Cause/Effect By Rebekah

Sequnce By Rolando

Problem/SolutionBy Luis



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