[2015] Brennen Buehler: The Creek Tribe

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[2015] Brennen Buehler: The Creek Tribe

Their region was the Eastern Woodlands. The Creek tribe lived in the southeastern parts of America. For example, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and North Carolina. Females in the Creek tribe farmed and cropped stuff like corn, beans, and squash. Men hunted and killed animals like deer and turkey by using bow and arrows. For the fisherman they use nets, fishing spears or hooks which were made of bones.

Some dishes had cornbread, soup, and stews cooked with a stone hearth. They were near the tribes Seminole and Seneca.

House materials and clothing

The Creek Tribe

More facts

The Creek tribe houses were made of a mold called plaster which is made of lime powder, sand water, and sometimes hair and hardens when it dries. The men wore breechcloths and leather leggings.Females wore wraparound skirts and mantles made with deer skin or woven fiber. In the winter, both boys and girls wore a cloak around them. For their feet they wore soft leather slippers or shoes called moccasins.


The Creek tribe's language name was Muskogean and here are 3 words of their language. Hesci means hello. Mvto (muh-toh) means thank you. Last but not least we have owv which means water.



Creek's are awesome!


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